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As alluded to by the title, Medal of Honor: Rising Sun focuses specifically on the Pacific Theatre of Operations in this installment of EA GAMES' best-selling first-person shooter series. Players slip into the fatigues of Marine Corporal Joseph Griffin on a mission to rescue his abducted brother from a Japanese prisoner of war camp located somewhere in the Philippines. The tour of duty can be completed alone or with the help of a friend in a new cooperative multiplayer mode.

The game begins on board the USS California, stationed at Pearl Harbor during the Japanese attack, as players fight to survive the ensuing chaos. From that point on, Griffin will lead his troops through the jungles of Guadalcanal and journey to three other locales set within the Pacific Theater. Captain Dale Dye, USMC (ret.), who helped ensure authenticity in films such as Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July, and Saving Private Ryan, once again lends his expertise to the development staff.