Medal of Honor Vanguard (Wii)

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Created with historical accuracy in mind, Medal of Honor: Vanguard follows the story as told by the 82nd Airborne Division of the United States Army during WWII. Gamers will navigate their troops through a campaign that begins in Sicily and ends in Germany. As members of this squad, players begin their missions by selecting a drop point within the mission map. After jumping out of the plane, gamers can direct their parachute toward a selected point where the unit will land, and then regroup to head toward objectives such as discovering a German communications center. Vehicles, including Willy's Jeep, are available for transportation, or as combat vehicles if players have enemies on their tail. To keep the game as accurate as possible, developers have included upgrades such as the ability to add extra ammo capacity, shoulder holsters, and weapon slings. Players can also upgrade their weapons by filing down firing pins for faster firing rates, adding grips and pads for stability and accuracy, and taping extra ammo to guns for quicker reload times. The Wii edition of Medal of Honor: Vanguard uses a unique control scheme designed specifically for the Wii Remote and Nunchuk.