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  • The 16th installment, Medal of Honor Warfighter for the Xbox 360 is only the second game in the series to feature modern warfare instead of storylines based in World War II. Inspired by real-world situations, the plot puts you in the shoes of elite warriors. You’ll be making quick decisions in some of the world's most restless hot spots. This Xbox entry into the shooter series is rated Mature. In Medal of Honor Warfighter, travel around the world as a member of Task Force Mako on a mission to sabotage an arms deal about to be made on the black market. Use your Xbox 360 to work with Mother, Preacher, Dusty, and more in their counter-terrorist missions. Start at the beginning of the story in Karachi, Pakistan. Move through the single-player campaign, and enjoy the immersive storytelling elements. You'll battle against Somali pirates, visit Mogadishu and Dubai, and raid terrorist compounds. At the same time, you’ll learn more about Preacher's past and journey with him to try to balance his work and life at home. The gritty, realistic single-player storylines are part of what has made the Medal of Honor series so beloved by fans. EA proves they can continue to pair realistic combat with hard-hitting plotlines to give their games depth. You feel truly immersed in the simulated world as you uncover the story elements of the missions. You’ll find that there's more to Medal of Honor than just the single-player story. The multiplayer experience is as compelling as ever. Medal of Honor Warfighter brings fans the hard-hitting, multiplayer experiences they love. This Limited Edition unlocks the Navy SEAL Tier 1 sniper and Tac-300 sniper rifle, making them available right from the beginning of the game. Earn points toward score chains to call in support actions. Developed with DICE's Frostbite 2 engine, the multiplayer games in Warfighter let you choose which country you wish to defend. The stage is a global battle, and the players are all Tier 1 operatives. You can choose to play as a member of special operations, a sniper, a member of the demolition force, a heavy gunner, assaulter, or point man. Be a member of the U.S Army Delta Force, Navy SEALs, or the CIA Special Activities Division. You can also represent the Australian Special Air Service Regiment, British Special Air Service, or Canadian Joint Task Force 2. Other options include special forces from Germany, Norway, Poland, Russia, South Korea, and Sweden. All the multiplayer character archetypes can be fully customized on the Xbox 360. You can change your character's appearance and make numerous decisions about your character's weapon. Change the paint, muzzle type, stocks, accessories, and more. This Warfighters edition offers plenty of chances for players to break out of the cookie-cutter mold and craft their own Tier 1 fighters. This game has given players the chance to customize their Xbox 360 hero. With Xbox Live on the Xbox 360, you can team up and play with friends or find a pickup game easily to explore all the multiplayer content in Medal of Honor. The gorgeous Xbox 360 visuals earned praise upon the console’s release date in October 2012. Those new to the Medal of Honor series should find an easy learning curve. Experienced players will find that it continues to deliver the hard-hitting excitement that makes the series so amazing. This iconic series never fails to deliver, and Medal of Honor Warfighter for Xbox lives up to the standards.