Meet the Robinsons (Playstation 2)

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Based on the 2007 film inspired by the book A Day with Wilbur Robinson, Disney's Meet the Robinsons invites players to take the role of Wilbur Robinson as they help Lewis retrieve his memory invention from the evil Bowler Hat Guy. Gamers will follow their onscreen avatar through a variety of environments found in the movie including the Robinsons' house, Lewis' science fair, and Lizzie's ant underworld while using such gadgets as the Chargeball Glove, the Disassembler, a scanner, and the family album to solve puzzles and complete objectives. Throughout the game players can upgrade their equipment by collecting hidden items and locate hidden areas for bonus points. To break up the main game, players can collect virtual reality discs by completing the Charge Ball mini-games to download additional ball courts.