Mercury Meltdown Revolution (Wii)

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The old wooden labyrinth game gets an upgrade in Mercury Meltdown Revolution where you take control of a liquid mercury blob, navigating the mass through environments filled with traps, door switches, spikes, and moving floors. Mercury Meltdown Remix includes over 150 available and hidden levels to conquer in 12 labs with names that include Aero, Bio, Chemical, Electro, Geo, and Atom. Learn to roll in the "Tutorial," go for a spin, and then check out "Replay" mode and see how you have improved. Find bonuses throughout all the labs to unlock party games such as Paint, Race, Rodeo, Matrix, and Shove. The mercury blob comes in four states -- normal, solid, fast, and slow -- and each condition has assets and drawbacks that can help you through the gauntlet of each stage. You must navigate your mercury blob through each level using either the motion sensor Wii remote or a Gamecube controller.