MLB 06 The Show.

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The only first-party baseball game for 2006 with real players and teams, Sony's MLB 06 continues the PSP sports series with a number of enhanced features. For the first time on PSP, players can embark on a career mode that introduces role-playing-like elements to the traditional sports action. The goal in career mode is to create an athlete and have him earn a spot on a big-league club by performing well in the minors. The season mode now lets players guide their favorite team through consecutive years in an attempt to create a dynasty to rival the New York Yankees.

A new mode called King of the Diamond has arcade-minded baseball fans selecting a pitcher and batter before trying to hit the ball to different areas in a shooting gallery-style ballpark. The team with the most runs before time expires wins the mini-game. Other notable changes from 2005's handheld game include an all-star lineup of historic legends, the addition of Rex Hudler in the commentary booth, and revamped online support. Players can once again challenge friends online via wireless Infrastructure mode, but now they will be able to save up to 31 MLB news feeds for viewing at any time.