MLB 08 - The Show (Playstation 3)

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Sony's exclusive baseball franchise returns with new features designed to enhance the game's realism. The role-playing like "Road to the Show" mode, where players create a single athlete to control throughout a career, offers more options. Defensive positioning, for example, can be adjusted during the pre-pitch sequence, allowing fielders a better chance to make a play. Created pitchers will receive regular mound visits, and all custom athletes work toward achieving specific goals for a chance at a promotion. Manager feedback is also included, and an athlete's performance can be monitored on a separate menu screen detailing current attribute ratings and season stats.

Statistical analysis also plays an important role in MLB 08, offering players a chance to monitor pitches thrown to a specific batter during a game, or examine a hitter's track record against a right-handed hurler, lefty, or both. Players can also influence a batter's abilities by performing above or below his statistical average for the 2007 season. A higher batting average over the course of 20-30 at-bats, for example, will increase the athlete's hit zones, improving the odds of making contact. The reverse is also possible, however, so extended slumps can change in-game ratings as well as hot streaks. MLB 08 on PS3 adds an option to transfer music saved on the hard drive to the in-game jukebox.