MLB 2004 (Playstation 2)

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After six games on the original PlayStation, Sony's acclaimed MLB series of baseball titles makes its PlayStation 2 debut with the release of MLB 2004. As in previous games, players step up to the plate with a full lineup of 30 professional teams, stadiums, and over 700 athletes with statistics and individual ratings based on the 2002 season. Pitching involves selecting one of four pitch types (which vary depending on who is on the mound), its velocity, and then its location by aiming a cursor over the plate.

Hitting also involves positioning a cursor over the plate, the size of which is based on the batter's real-life statistics for the 2002 season. Players can also try to guess the pitch, which improves their chances of making contact by increasing the cursor's size if correct, or even charge the mound at the risk of being thrown out. While in the field, players can dive for the ball as well as make leaping catches at the wall to rob potential home runs. Managers can call for the double switch, pitch out, and warm up the bullpen before sending their fatigued ace to the showers.

Twelve modes of play include Franchise, Season, Career, World Series, Playoffs, and General Manager. Career has players swinging the stick for ten consecutive seasons, with statistics tracked for 100 different categories, as well as varying hot and cold streaks, and end-of-year awards for MVP, Cy Young, and more. General Manager lets players assemble their dream team by reading scouting reports, signing free agents, and developing personnel in the farm system. Award-winning broadcaster Vin Scully calls the action from the booth while Dave Campbell provides the color commentary.