Mojo (Playstation 2)

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Midway aims to set the diamond "on fire" once again, with this 2004 edition of its exaggerated-action baseball game. While this version of the game features all of the over-the-top power-ups and outrageous antics seen in earlier SlugFests (and even adds a few new ones), the most significant addition is the game's new Franchise mode. Designed to compete with the deep league systems found in more conventional baseball games, such as Sega's ESPN Major League Baseball or EA Sports' MVP Baseball, SlugFest's Franchise mode has players managing strategies in the back office as well as on the field.

It wouldn't be MLB SlugFest without wanton bean-balls, bench-rousing battles, and flaming, super-powered super stars, but for fans who would prefer a more straightforward baseball simulation, most of these trademark tricks can be shut off for a much more traditional, realistic game. MLB SlugFest: Loaded allows players to take their game online as well; the PS2 version supports voice-chat with its networked multiplayer features, while the Xbox version is the first game to make use of Xbox Live's "3.0" enhancements, designed to let gamers set up custom leagues and tournaments with ease.