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Based on the contemporary Discovery Channel program, this port of Invictus' 2004 home computer version of Monster Garage presents players with 3,000 (virtual) dollars and a week (of game time), then challenges them to tear down a stock vehicle and build it back up with customized features that meet specific conditions. As in the television show, each challenge is different -- players may be building a large fire truck in one mission and a zippy swamp buggy in the next. Consistent in all missions is an open-ended format, designed to encourage competitors to solve problems creatively and meet challenge conditions with style.

The game features a total of seven Monster Garage challenges, each allowing just seven in-game days for completion. On the first day of a mission, player's learn of the conditions their customized vehicle must meet and make basic design decisions. The next five days are spent ordering components from a catalog, crafting custom parts, and putting them all together. On the seventh day, players have a chance to add decals and a fresh paint job before they send their Monster vehicle out to the test course. If the vehicle meets all the required conditions a new mission is unlocked, until all seven challenges have been met.