Monster Jam (PS2)

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Product Information
Monster Jam is a demolition derby game featuring 26 licensed Monster Trucks, including such notables as Reptoid, Gun Slinger, and Grave Digger, each individually rated in horsepower, acceleration, cornering, and traction. Exhibition, Season, and Mini-Game modes are available in eight themed worlds. Players will compete within arenas set in Rome, Hollywood, the Big Apple, and even the Las Vegas Strip.

Both Exhibition and Season feature three types of events: Death Match, Cash Grab, and Points. Death Match pits players against a series of computer opponents until only one vehicle remains. Cash Grab is a mad dash to collect as many money icons as possible before time expires. Points has players crushing objects, running over vehicles, and more as they attempt to inflict a certain amount of damage within the allotted time.

The title comes from the game's power-up system in the form of a Monster Jam meter. As players slam into vehicles, a horizontal bar gradually increases. Once filled, the Monster Truck will be bathed in a blue light and become more powerful for 20 seconds of game time. Other vehicles are trying to do the same, and every hit received from a rival truck will diminish the Monster Jam meter based on the severity of the collision.

Besides ramming into other vehicles, players have additional moves to elude pursuers. Each truck can perform wheelies, spins, and jumps at any time by pressing a button in combination with a direction. Also found within the enclosed arenas are eight types of weapons, including missile launchers and machine guns, as well as wrenches to replenish health and boosts for a temporary surge in speed.

Monster Jam also features six different stand-alone events within the Mini-Game mode. Stadium Freestyle involves earning points by performing stunts, while both Stadium and Canyon Race are straightforward races. Lava Island has players trying to push their rivals off cliffs, and both Stadium and Arena Challenge do away with weapons. All events support two players except the Stadium Freestyle mini-game.