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An enhanced re-release of 2011's high-def Mortal Kombat game, the Komplete Edition comes with all additional fighters, fatalities, and costumes previously available as premium downloadable content. This includes Skarlet, Kenshi, and Rain, as well as horror-movie villain Freddy Krueger. Additional music and video content are also included. In all, more than two dozen characters are playable, each uniquely modeled and individually animated. Multiplayer fighting is supported, in both same-console and online options, with a selection of competitive and cooperative modes.

The ninth full production in the definitively violent fighting game series both moves the supernatural combat action forward and returns it to its roots. Rendered in full 3D, the hand-to-hand battles play out strictly on a 2D plane, as in the original Mortal Kombat games, emphasizing keenly timed blocks, counter-moves, and ranged attacks. The action is designed for hardcore players, with each character presenting a deep system of special attacks to master and weaknesses to overcome. Each character can also execute a full-fledged fatality move, in classic MK form.

Leaving aside the inter-dimensional narrative diversions of the recent Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, the game's unusually involving single-player story begins after the events of Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, but then returns to the events of the first three games to revisit the series' original lore. Gaining a trans-temporal awareness, the enigmatic thunder-god Raiden is central to the plot, but gamers take the roles of several different klassic kombatants as they progress through the campaign.