MotionSports - Adrenaline.

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Kinect Required - Complete - Used

Product Information
Throw caution to the wind in Motionsports Adrenaline, a collection of eight extreme sports set in exotic locales from around the world. Featured activities include gliding through the air in a wingsuit, hurtling down steep terrain on a mountain bike, kayaking on raging rivers, rock climbing, kite surfing, parkour, extreme skiing, and extreme trampoline jumping. Each event features environmental dangers to avoid and stunts to pull off to increase your score.

Up to four players can compete against one another in races, relays, and "trick trails," with collectible power-ups (such as water bombs) to use against rivals. In addition to local cooperative and competitive modes, the game includes a number of online features as well. Recorded performances of your online friends will serve as extra motivation to beat their best times, and you'll be able to set your own challenges in each event as well.