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Not to be confused with Namco's motorcycle series bearing the same license and title, THQ's MotoGP offers ten authentic tracks from around the world as well as 29 professional riders and bikes from the 2001 MotoGP racing competition. Players can increase their bike performance and rider abilities over time by participating in both Training and Grand Prix modes, where experience credits are awarded to improve cornering, braking, top speed, and acceleration.

Arcade Championship offers three-lap races on a choice of unlocked tracks, where players earn bonus points by reaching checkpoints in time or by performing tricks like wheelies and rear wheel skids. These points can be used to unlock additional tracks, riders, and bikes. The Grand Prix Series lets players create up to ten custom riders, distribute ten credits to four attributes, and then prepare to race around the world in competitions spanning five laps apiece.

Players must also complete a qualifying run before each event to determine their overall placement at the starting grid. Finishing within the top 15 at the end of a Grand Prix event earns players credits to boost individual ratings, with a maximum of 60 points attainable through ten races. An additional 40 credits can be won by completing the 20 challenges available in Training mode, which tests a player's skill in each of the four attributes.

Time Trial lets players familiarize themselves with each course's layout, and features an optional ghost racer to compete against to improve lap times. Multiplayer mode offers split-screen support for up to four players, and the ability to play with up to 16 using the Xbox System Link. Players can customize the scoring system, weather (sunny, clear, or raining), as well as the number of computer bikes and laps for each race.