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Since 2000, THQ and Namco have been producing similarly titled motorcycle racing games based on the MotoGrandPrix series, a seasonal racing series for motorcycles similar to Formula 1 or NASCAR. THQ's MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology 3 looks to put some distance between itself and the competition by offering a slew of new features, as well as a more distinguishable name.

Most notable of the new features is the "Extreme" mode of play. Inspired by "TT-style" street racing, this mode includes 16 new city and suburban tracks based on real race locations from all over the world. Players may choose to tear tarmac down the Day-Glo-lit streets of Japan, or spray dirt in the competition's face while racing down the country back roads of Donington, UK.

Along with the new race locations comes a selection of new bikes. Modeled after real-world motorcycles, these latest additions range in power from 600cc "sprinters" to 1200cc "superbikes." Other modes of play include "Quick Race," "Grand Prix," "Time Trial," "Training," and "Multiplayer," which supports split-screen action for up to four players.

Other new features include advancements made to online gameplay that allow for up to 16 online players in the same race. Three new online modes have been added -- "Embedded," "Spectator," and "Commentator." Embedded play is designed to allow players to slip seamlessly from single-player to online action, by simply being connected to Xbox Live or via broadband on the PC. Embedded gameplay also features a seeding system designed to create a more competitive online environment by discouraging experienced players from racing against beginners.

Spectator mode allows players to watch as the race unfolds instead of sitting idly by in the lobby, while Commentator mode allows the host of an online session to choose a spectating player to comment on the racing action.