MotorStorm Arctic Edge (PS2)

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Product Information
After sending gamers to temperate and tropical locales on the PS3, the MotorStorm series takes its destructible courses, multi-route track designs, and spectacular crashes to the craggy cliffs of a snowy mountain in MotorStorm: Arctic Edge. Players can speed around 12 reversible tracks, from mud-slinging slogs through the gravelly lowlands to slippery sprints up the snowy mountainside, all while triggering environmental events such as rockslides and avalanches. Six of the vehicle classes available in previous MotorStorm games return, including rally cars, big rig trucks, and ATVs, and in keeping with the frosty locale, Artic Edge introduces new snowmobile and snowcat classes. There are 24 vehicles in all, and as players progress through the game they can unlock various upgrades and accoutrements to spice up their favorite machines. The "Festival" mode takes gamers through eight different ranks and more than 100 individual races, while solo-gamers can also enjoy "Free-Play" and "Wreckreation Time Attack" modes.