MTV Celebrity Deathmatch.

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MTV's tongue-in-cheek clay fighting and wrestling series hits the consoles with a lineup of 20 celebrities to pummel, pin, parry, and puncture. As in the show from which it is based, the game is a no-holds-barred fight for survival as players punch, kick, grab, and maim opponents on their way to victory. Finishing moves and taunts are unique to each character, whose violent coups de gr�ce may include ripping out hearts or brains for the ultimate insult to injury. Six different arenas are available to battle in, including a mall, steel factory, and the official Celebrity Deathmatch stadium.

Play-by-play and color commentary are featured throughout each match by show announcers Johnny Gomez, Nick Diamond, and roving reporter Stacy Cornbread. Featured celebrities include all five NSYNC band members, comedian Carrot Top, as well as Marilyn Manson, Tommy Lee, Shannen Doherty, Carmen Electra, Dennis Rodman, Jerry Springer, Mr. T, Busta Rhymes, Mills Lane, Ron Jeremy, Miss Cleo, Cindy Margolis, Debbie Matenopoulos, and Anna Nicole Smith. Multiplayer bouts are supported as well as a single-player tournament.