MX vs ATV Alive.

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THQ's best-selling racing series continues with MX vs. ATV Alive. Licensed vehicles under three MX and two ATV engine types are available for racing on ten courses. A new play mechanic called "bar-to-bar racing" is introduced in this version, which refers to the frequency of contact between riders for more intense competition. Other notable changes include improved terrain deformation, with riders altering the terrain in real time after every lap, as well as a revamped control scheme designed to bridge the gap between hardcore and rookie racers.

AMA Supercross Champion James Stewart appears in multiple videos to show racing techniques and tips for correcting collisions, sticking landings, and more. In addition to Stewart, playable riders include Nick Wey, Alex Martin, Ian Trettel, and Tarah Geiger. New courses, vehicles, gear, and play modes can be purchased separately as part of the game's downloadable content service.