MX vs ATV Untamed (360)

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Product Information
MX vs. ATV Untamed, the third consecutive off-road racing game from developer Rainbow Studios, has players competing in an eight-series X-Cross tournament. Events take place in indoor stadiums and outdoor courses, each offering plenty of spots to perform more than 50 tricks. Terrain includes a mix of sand, snow, dirt, and asphalt, with hazards such water, logs, and rocks adding a degree of challenge. While the obvious focus is on racing MX bikes and ATVs, players can also slip behind the wheel of a monster truck, dune buggy, ORV, 4x4 golf cart, trophy truck, and a sand rail.

Players will race as or against such pros as Ricky Carmichael, Davi Millsaps, Kory Ellis, and Dana Creech in the following eight environments: Pinelakes, Crawley Creek, Copper Valley, Lakewood, Clearwater, Del Sol, Kittery Point, Splitoak, and Greenfield. MX options include a choice of 50cc, 125cc, and 250cc models, each customizable with over 100 sponsor parts to improve power, handling, and acceleration. Untamed also includes five mini-games, ranging from hockey with ATVs to a high-speed game of tag. Online support is included for up to 12 riders, or players can challenge a friend via split-screen display.