Namco Museum Megamix (Wii)

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Product Information
Namco's long-running compilation series continues with Namco Museum Megamix, a collection of 18 arcade titles and six "remixed" classics optimized for use with the Wii Remote. Classic gaming fans can take on unfettered versions of Galaxian, Mappy, Galaga, and Rally-X, among many others, or try their hand at the new Wii-friendly games. In "Pac 'n Roll Remix" players tilt their Wii Remote in order to guide Pac-Man through obstacle-filled worlds, while "Grobda Remix" finds Pac-Man barreling through arenas in an attempt to destroy enemy tanks, and "Pac Motos" lets gamers use their Wii Remote to knock competitors off pedestals in a variety of arenas.