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Nanostray 2 brings more of the fast-paced, classic arcade-style shooting that made the original a popular choice for DS owners. Though primarily a side-scrolling shooter, later stages let gamers shoot from both top-down and bottom-up perspectives. The central gameplay option in Nanostray 2 is Adventure Mode, where players battle through 30 levels swarming with more than 100 different enemies and 16 bosses. Each ship can be custom-fitted with six different weapons, and players can unleash massive, screen-clearing blasts by building up multiplier bonuses with the new Nanoguage. Two players can team up or battle head-to-head, Challenge Mode offers 32 different objectives in unique environments, the Simulator provides four different ways to rack up high scores, and Arcade Mode lets gamers play without learning about the story of the Nanostray virus. Players also have the option of using Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection to upload top scores and see how they stack up against the competition.