Naruto - Ultimate Ninja Storm.

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Naruto Uzumaki and his companions take their fight to PS3 for the first time in Ultimate Ninja Storm. Following the successful Ninja Storm series on PS2, this high-def throw-down boasts open-world exploration, over two dozen playable characters, and crisp, detailed graphics that build upon the hand-drawn animation of the television series.

With an overall plotline that runs through the animated series' Sasuke Retrieval storyline, the game challenges players with a hundred varied missions including deliveries, races, and boss battles. Missions lead Naruto and his fellow ninja to freely explore and interact in Hidden Lead Village and the Forest of Death. The story progresses as players gain new information from other characters, discover hidden scrolls, and defeat enemies in combat.

A two-player mode allows Naruto fans to fight in head-to-head, no-chakra-barred ninja combat in multi-layered battlefields. Each character has distinct powers and each area offers unique tactical considerations, making each match-up different.