Naruto - Ultimate Ninja Storm 2.

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Ultimate Ninja Storm returns to PlayStation 3 in a 3D fighting adventure featuring the super-charged combat of the internationally popular manga and animated series. As in the PS3 original (as well as in earlier Ultimate Ninja games for PlayStation 2), solo players face a mission-driven journey through fan-familiar locations, with an abundance of opportunities to demonstrate their martial-arts mastery in high-velocity hand-to-hand battles. Players are also challenged by quick-time events that may help or hinder progress, and tricky boss fights to out-think and overcome.

The game's storylines and missions are set in the advanced Shippuden stages of the Naruto legend, with over 40 characters from the later chapters of the manga series. Players can explore Hidden Leaf Village in its entirety, as well as the surrounding wilderness and other important locations. Interactions with other personalities from the comic add a sense of place and purpose. Playable characters become more powerful as they move through the adventure and unlock new Jutsu and combo attacks. The game's Story Mode can be played from the perspectives of each of the game's three main characters, offering players three significantly different adventures. Two-player modes allow for head-to-head battles with a wide selection of featured characters, and Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 is the first in the series to also support offer online play, with facilities for random opponents, ranked matches, and private fight hosting.