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Namco Bandai's animé-inspired fighting series returns with a greater focus on boss battles and a more immersive Story mode in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3. As always, players can guide dozens of characters through a story-driven campaign full of intense martial arts combat. The story centers on the aftermath of an attack on Hidden Leaf Village by the giant demon fox Nine-Tails; events that also help introduce the game's new QTE-infused boss battles. Also new for Ninja Storm 3 is the ability to activate the last-gasp Awakening Mode at any time.

Players can call in two support characters during battles for assistance when things get hairy, teaming up to unleash more than a dozen different combo attacks. Arenas are now interactive and have defined battle zones, with gamers automatically forfeiting their match if they leave the ring. Players can take advantage of the new Ultimate Decision mode to change the result of battles and unlock alternate storylines, while a separate hack-and-slash mode is available for those seeking nothing but action. Head-to-head multiplayer is also available for those who want to battle friends or simply master the moves of the game's 80 playable characters.