NASCAR 06 Total Team Control.

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NASCAR enthusiasts to take to the starting line in this release for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. Promoted as the first console driving game to utilize voice recognition technology, NASCAR 06: Total Team Control lets players communicate with computer-controlled crew chiefs and team members, using team work to execute blocking maneuvers and maintain track position. Facing a long line of taillights may seem a bit daunting, but by using the right analog stick, players may be able to retake the lead by controlling teammates' cars to fend off rivals.

Like its predecessor, NASCAR 06 features two main modes of play -- "Fight to the Top" and "Chase for the Cup," the latter having undergone a bit of fine tuning. In "Fight to the Top," players work from the ground up to become a superstar as an owner, a teammate, or both. In "Chase for the Cup," players compete in a ten-race series modeled after the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series championship. Players can also choose to race in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck series, Whelen Modified series, and NASCAR Busch series.

An expanded Create-A-Driver system allows players to specify their characters' facial features, body types, and uniforms, as well as their cars' paint schemes. The game's interactive AI allows rivalries to unfold, on and off the track, as players choose to race "clean" or "dirty." Players using the Xbox Live service can challenge up to four live opponents in a full field of 43 AI drivers, for multiplayer racing featuring rankings, text chatting, EA Sports Talk, and improved anti-cheat measures.