NASCAR Heat 2002 (Playstation 2)

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Product Information
The second NASCAR game on the PS2 features 25 professional drivers as they compete in a full 2001 NASCAR Winston Cup Season. A total of 19 authentic tracks are available, including Daytona International Speedway and Watkins Glen, to race in five modes of play: Beat the Heat, Race the Pro, Single Race, Championship, and Head-to-Head. Each mode can be raced on an expert setting, allowing players to tweak their car's weight, shocks, springs, tires, camber, gears, and more to improve overall performance.

Beat the Heat is a series of 36 scenarios to complete for a gold, silver, or bronze trophy. Race the Pro is structured similarly to a time trial in that players are trying to beat the best laps from a roster of 11 pro drivers. A ghost image of an opponent will appear on the course to help gauge speed. Single Race is one race on a choice of tracks, with options in the number of laps, computer AI, wear factor for tires, racing flags, and car performance.

The Championship mode features an adjustable season (full, medium, or short) as players earn points for top finishes on their way to the Winston Cup. After each race, a standings screen will appear with the overall time and points earned for each driver. The final mode, Head-to-Head, is the same as Single Race but against a friend on a split-screen. In order to save options, standings, and season progress, a full 8MB of space is required.