NBA 07 the Life (Playstation 2)

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Sony's exclusive basketball franchise, its first since NBA ShootOut threw up a brick in 2003, returns to PlayStation 2 with NBA '07. Once again the star attraction is "The Life" mode, a story-driven experience centered on an up-and-coming point guard's rise to the NBA. Now a star in the league, lead protagonist "The Kid" sets his sights on winning the league's MVP. He's got some competition, however. New to NBA '07 is a rival character, nicknamed "Big W," who intends to give his counterpart a run for his money. Both characters will be playable in a cinematic storyline filled with mini-games, drills, and scenarios that distill the NBA experience into action-packed battles and heated match-ups. Players will be able to increase their athlete’s attributes, unlock classic NBA jerseys, and more while managing a demanding career fraught with press conferences, endorsement deals, family issues, and potential injuries.

The on-court action is enhanced with new shot and rebounding systems that use visual cues and gauges to help players decide when to take shots or where best to position themselves to grab errant throws off the rim and backboard. Flashy moves such as no-looks, alley-oops, and behind-the-back passes can help energize the crowd and the team's performance. The risk-reward nature of the more elaborate moves is reflected in the "Showtime" mechanic, where successful techniques earn players points to increase both team and individual attributes. More than 12 mini-games have been included, ranging from three-point shootouts to games of 21. Online support is again available for leagues, tournaments, and even custom athletes, as players gradually build their skills by competing in special challenges. Owners of the EyeToy camera peripheral can also map their faces on created players for a personal touch.