NBA 2K7 (Playstation 2)

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The NBA 2K series continues its PlayStation 2 run with refinements in the visuals, sound, and controls. The right analog "shot stick" introduced in NBA 2K6 returns for this installment, with players able to directly control specific shot types as well as steals, blocks, and more without having to press a button. The same flexibility is offered in the passing game, where players can choose to perform bounce passes or lobs. A more dynamic presentation with television-style camera angles is also an area of focus.

Yet the biggest change involves instilling a sense of personality into the league's biggest stars, embodied by new signature-style animations and player-specific moves. The VIP system that monitors a user's playing tendencies and performance returns, as does online support for each of the main game modes. A revamped streetball game and tweaks to the franchise mode, dubbed the "Association," round out the list of improvements to the heralded hardwood simulation.