NBA 2K8 (Playstation 3)

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The top-rated NBA 2K series continues on PlayStation 3 with revamped player models, more signature moves, and a deeper online experience. The Sprite Slam Dunk Contest held in Las Vegas is playable on- and offline, allowing up to four players to compete against the top slam specialists from around the NBA. On offense, players can control either the ball-handler or a nearby teammate to perform alley oops, establish screens, and to get into position near the basket. Players can also customize free throws, dribbles, and dunks based on a star's real-life tendencies and attributes. On defense, the right analog stick is used to run defensive sets, "body-up" the ball handler, and more.

The career-like Association mode allows would-be coaches to assign individual roles, carefully manage playing time, and build team morale. Simulation junkies will appreciate a more dramatic interface for simming games, with "SimCentral" displaying real-time stats, injuries, and other up-to-date information. The online experience is enhanced with a sports-themed news ticker, customizable front page, and two-player cooperative action against a computer team. Kevin Harlan and Kenny Smith return for commentary duties, with user-controlled wrap-up footage during post-game analysis. The soundtrack features music from such recording artists as Common, Q-Tip, Run DMC, and the Stone Roses.