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Sony's handheld hardwood series returns for the '08 NBA season with an emphasis on quick action mini-games, an enhanced Conquest Mode, and a deeper Season Mode. New carnival-style games like Pop-a-Shot, Pinball, and Skee-ball complement returning mini-games like HORSE, Dodgeball, Fast Break, Block-a-Shot, and 3-point Contest. The Conquest Mode's emphasis on territory acquisition and management has been enhanced, allowing gamers to cash in awards and upgrade players or whole teams.

Simulation fans can also play through the 82-game Season Mode which features trades, free agents, injuries, and a new emphasis on player management and team chemistry. Ian Eagle returns as the play-by-play announcer, former player Mark Jackson provides new color commentary, and the highlight reel feature lets gamers review all the best plays from a single game. Multiplayer support is available for up to four via Ad-hoc connectivity, and nationwide head-to-head action is available through a LAN connection.