NBA Ballers Phenon (Xbox)

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Midway's streetball series continues with NBA Ballers: Phenom, which introduces two-on-two action and expands the story-driven career mode found in its predecessor. Once again the emphasis is on using an array of over-the-top moves to outperform rival athletes from the NBA. This time, however, players can explore a bustling Venice Beach, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills in an off-court exploration mode that involves talking with pedestrians and performing various quests. Players begin by creating a custom character and advance through a storyline that will pull them in one of two directions.

Through their interactions with hip-hop artist Ludacris or pro basketball star Chauncey Billups, players can build a life as a business entrepreneur or try to become a number-one draft pick in the NBA. Over the course of one week, which coincides with the NBA Finals in Los Angeles, players will participate in tournaments against real-life NBA stars, explore parts of the city to locate hidden diamonds or mascot heads, and complete shooting challenges, spelling bees, and even rhythm-based dance contests. Money earned from both quests and tournaments can be used to purchase clothing items, mansions, and other worldly possessions.