NBA Live 14 (Playstation 4)

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After a four-year hiatus that included a canceled rebranding and an aborted reboot, EA's pro basketball series returns to the hardwood with a focus on the best young guards in the league. The bounceTek system is designed to offer realistic ball-handling, with complete dribbling packages for more than 50 of the NBA's best players, signature moves, and over 1,000 distinct animations. Players, arenas, and jerseys have been recreated in extreme detail, and the CourtQ system is designed to offer even more realism, with updates to more than 70 statistics for each player after every real game.

The popular Ultimate Team mode from other EA franchises makes its way to NBA Live 14 with gamers collecting packs of player cards and attempting to build the best team possible. Users can earn coins to buy new packs of players, uniforms, coaches, arenas, and playbooks by competing online against other Ultimate Teams, or playing against a rotating list of teams in the offline Fantasy Showdown mode. Players can also earn points by hitting certain statistical milestones in games, and a number of all-time NBA legends are available to take Ultimate Teams to the next level.