NBA Live 2003 (PS2) !!!

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Product Information
NBA Live 2003 aims to improve upon specific areas of gameplay while an updated graphic engine allows for more player animations. Targeted areas include blocking, rebounding, dribbling, and the bumping and grinding associated with playing ball at an NBA level. New shot-blocking animations include swatting the ball into the stands as well as blocking off the backboard. Over 30 distinct animations for grabbing rebounds allow for more realism in capturing missed shots.

Player-specific dribbling, passing styles, and signature moves were also motion-captured and incorporated into gameplay, while post moves, pick-and-rolls, and charges were filmed using multiple athletes for more believable in-game player contact. Adding to the realism are sideline coaches, on-court vocals, new crowd animations, and classic jerseys for the complete NBA experience. Players can also feel the pressure of making a shot before the buzzer or a crucial three-pointer with their controller's vibration function.