NBA Live 2005 (Playstation 2) !!!

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As NBA Live moves into its "2005" season, the gameplay above the rim takes center stage. The game's new "Freestyle Air" features allow gamers to take control of their NBA players in mid-flight, to block shots, score tip-in rebounds, and perform stylish dunks. The last ability helps support the game's new "All-Star Weekend" mode, which allows players to take part in a virtual re-creation of the league's annual, mid-season celebration, which is highlighted by the slam-dunk contest and three-point shot competition. Offering far more than a weekend of stunts and tricks, however, NBA Live still presents a full-featured simulation of the entire NBA season, or even as many as 25 seasons, in the returning Dynasty Mode. Gamers who decide to take complete control of their teams in this mode will manage a great variety of franchise functions, from game plans and scheduling to salary requirements and trades. One of the sport's most famous announcers, Marv Albert, resumes his place behind the NBA Live mic, joined by his regular play-calling partner, Mike Fratello. All-Star Weekend events are called by TNT's Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith. As in earlier PlayStation 2 editions of the game, online play is supported through the EA Sports Online network, for gamers with the PS2 Network Adaptor accessory.