NBA Live 08.

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The Wii's first basketball game is designed for users of all skill levels. The Family Play mode simplifies the five-on-five action by letting the computer handle the AI for both NBA teams, leaving players free to jump in at any time to shoot the ball, attempt a steal, and more. The default rookie difficulty setting offers more scoring chances and more forgiving controls. Advanced users will still be able to enjoy complete control over the game, with the added benefit of gesture-based motions inspired by real-life basketball. Shooting, for example, involves lifting the Wii Remote up and flicking it forward at the peak of a player's jump. Rebounding uses the same mechanic, while crossover moves involve tilting the Nunchuk left or right.

NBA Live 08 on Wii also incorporates Mii characters, who will periodically chime in to provide feedback on your hoops skills. Party-type options include the competitive Slam Dunk Contest and 3-Point Shootout games. One of the key features in other versions of NBA Live 08 is available for Wii as well: go-to moves, which incorporate each star athlete's signature-style shots on offense. Team-specific tendencies, such as Detroit's preference for half-court sets, have been worked into the game, and new systems are introduced to manage substitutions and fatigue. Also included are the FIBA National teams and online support, where up to eight players (four per Wii console) can challenge each other with a choice of teams, arenas, and rules.