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Sony's pro basketball title enters its third season with NBA Shootout 98. The game is quicker than its predecessors, with a focus on bigger action and less realism. An in earlier annual editions of the title, Shootout 98 features the league's 29 teams, each with authentic rosters, arenas, and uniforms. Players are motion-captured for realistic onscreen shots, dunks, and ball handling. New moves introduced to the series in 98 include no-look and off-the-dribble passes, reverse spins, alley-oops, and new signature dunks for selected players. Gamers can create their own custom NBA players, or make trades around the league to create an entire dream team. Modes of play include "Exhibition," "Tournament," "Season," "Playoffs," and "All Star Game." In NBA Shootout 98's multiplayer modes, up to eight human competitors can play at once, each controlling a different NBA player on the court.