NCAA Football 09 (Playstation 3)

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Product Information
The second NCAA Football game on PlayStation 3 features a revamped graphics engine for improved animations, online dynasties supporting up to 12 players, and a more heightened atmosphere than in previous versions. The new graphics engine allows players to freely break in or out of moves instead of having to wait until each spin, juke, or stiff-arm finishes its animation cycle. The end result is designed to give players more direct control on the field, allowing them to quickly read and react to situations as they develop. Another new option is the ability to "ice the kicker." Implementing this strategy causes the kicking meter to turn frosty, partially obstructing the power meter, and changes the default camera angle to a view closer to the field.

Online fans can now create dynasty leagues supporting custom rules, rosters, and other user-defined settings. Invitees to an online dynasty can manage and build their favorite school's program over the course of 60 seasons. Other key features are designed to enhance the sport's pageantry. Cheerleaders perform aerial stunts in cut-scenes after big plays, touchdown celebrations incorporate school mascots, and quarterbacks can even regain composure by taking a multiple choice quiz after throwing an interception or making other costly mistakes. Win consistently and your team will improve its prestige rating, which translates into more fans at home and on the road. Lose several games in a row, however, and attendance will dwindle accordingly.