NCAA March Madness 07.

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Product Information
The "07" edition of EA Sports' annual college basketball game is designed to emphasize the importance home court advantage and crowd interaction. NCAA March Madness 07 features a variety of interactive stadiums where players are affected by and can interact with crowds, school mascots, cheerleaders, and the band. The game introduces the "Team Intensity Control" feature, allowing gamers to change the momentum of the game by pumping up the crowd, motivating teammates, and intimidating the other team. Each player has a unique composure level that is affected different actions, and this feature can ultimately affect the final score of the game. The "Lockdown Stick" makes a return in this edition, allowing players to get aggressive with their defense by promoting a turnover, breaking up the play, or setting a trap.

In "Dynasty" mode, players can pick from a variety of teams and attempt to lead their school to a national championship. School Pride takes center stage in the game and players who win games also win the favor of alumni, administration, and students. Pleasing these groups can unlock new facilities, a band, cheerleaders, an upgraded campus, and college-wide respect. As the coach, players can use the handbook created specifically for the selected school or they can create their own. Scouting and recruiting new players is easy with the games "Internet" feature that allows head coaches to look up stats and receive e-mails from training staff, administration, the recruiting office, and the coaching staff. Gamers can also phone a recruit's coach or even watch them play. Once again, there are many teams to follow, as hundreds of real-life schools are featured, allowing gamers to take the reigns of their favorite recurring contenders, or lead a more obscure alma matter to an unprecedented national championship.