NCAA March Madness 2004 (Xbox)

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Product Information
NCAA March Madness' Xbox debut offers players a chance to create and sustain a dynasty spanning 30 years. As general manager and coach, players can recruit high school athletes, conduct training sessions in the off-season, customize non-conference schedules, and participate in the EA SPORTS Roundball Classic. The distinctive atmosphere of college hoops has been captured with cheerleaders, bands, mascots, team-specific crowd chants, and new post-game celebrations and fight songs.

As in the NCAA College Football series, players can now pit team mascots against each another or relive famous school rivalries, such as Duke versus UNC. Freestyle control lets players use the right thumbstick for special moves such as crossover dribbles, strip steals, and more. Yet the most noteworthy addition is the inclusion of every Division I team in America -- a total of more than 300 schools. Wrapping up the list of features are Dick Vitale's play-by-play announcing, scouting reports and tips from real-life coaches, and the ability to call team-specific strategies on both offense and defense.