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The fourth title in Electronic Arts' Need for Speed series on PlayStation, Need for Speed: High Stakes features 19 high-performance sports cars to collect and customize. Play modes include Test Drive, Single Race, Special Events, Hot Pursuit, and High Stakes. You begin with 20,000 credits and will initially be able to access three fictitious tracks in Germany, France, and Canada. To unlock more tracks and vehicles, you must place within the top three of each race in a total of six tournaments.

Need for Speed: High Stakes includes visible car damage that affects how your vehicle performs during a race. Hot Pursuit mode picks up where 1998's game left off, only this time you can play as the police and chase a series of speed-violators within a time limit. For every lawbreaker you nab, more seconds will be added to the clock. Special Events is a series of eight races, while Test Drive is a practice run to familiarize yourself with each available course.

High Stakes mode lets you prove your driving prowess against a second player with your car on the line. The catch? Drivers who lose the race will automatically have their car erased and added to their opponent's memory card. Customization features include three difficulty levels, two transmission types, and vehicle upgrades in three areas: suspension and tires, engine and brakes, and improved aerodynamics. Weather is also adjustable, as are traffic conditions and time of day.