Need for Speed - Hot Pursuit (Xbox 360)

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Get your adrenaline pumping on high-speed car chases through winding countryside highways and bustling village streets in the 2010 Xbox 360 edition of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. The game setting is the large, open world of fictional Seacrest County, which features various regions for diverse driving challenges. This Xbox 360 version of Need for Speed uses an "Autolog" feature, which connects in the background to allow for online multiplayer racing and also lets single-player racers compare in-game accomplishments and statistics with friends across the network. In the game's main "Career" mode, virtual drivers have the chance to roll as both racers and law enforcement officers, gradually developing a reputation, gaining "Bounty" points, and unlocking additional challenges and high-performance automobiles. If you’re up for a challenge and plenty of heart-pounding action, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit delivers.