Neopets Puzzle Adventure (Nintendo DS)

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Product Information
The online animals known as Neopets star in this strategic board game developed by the team behind the acclaimed Puzzle Quest series. Inspired by Reversi or Othello, the object in Neopets Puzzle Adventure is to convert your opponent's chips to your color by surrounding them horizontally, diagonally, or vertically. The action takes place on an 8x8 grid displayed on the touch screen, with pictures of your Neopet and its rival appearing on the top screen. The "adventure" part of the title alludes to the several exotic areas you'll visit while challenging rival Neopets. Twelve customizable Neopets are included, with the single-player storyline featuring over 150 quests. Improve your odds of success by enlisting the help of PetPets, which grant special abilities to use during matches. A total of 150 PetPets are available to collect throughout your travels across the three lands of Neopia.