NFL Blitz (N64)

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NFL Blitz is a fast-paced arcade football game by the creators of NBA Jam. Among the changes to the traditional sport are seven-on-seven matchups, first downs equaling 30 yards, the clock stopping after every play, and no penalties or substitutions. The NFL and NFLPA license are included, meaning you'll play as or against one of 30 NFL teams with real players. Blitz is filled with exaggerated moves like super high jumps, crushing tackles and late hits, plus you can choose between 18 offensive or nine defensive plays. The Nintendo 64 version adds Season Play, player rosters reflecting the 1998 season, Rumble Pak support, and an exclusive Play Editor that can save up to nine custom plays to the Controller Pak. An interesting feature is that these plays can later be downloaded to a NFL Blitz 99 arcade unit for more football mayhem.