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Play football with excitement and action on the Nintendo GameCube with "NFL Street 2." Released in 2004 for the GameCube, this innovative game by Electronic Arts lets you upend the rules of physics for ultra-powered street-style fun. It essentially takes everything that you love about football games and moves it to the street, letting you capture the fun of pickup games on your console. Real-life NFL players abandon the field to pound the pavements with pick-up style football.With multiple modes of exciting play, you'll find many different ways to enjoy the action every day. This licensed NFL EA Sports title features incredibly unique and varied gameplay. You can build your own team and compete against players featured on CBS Interactive specials and shows. Enter Gamebreaker 2 mode, which sends you out onto the field and asks you to reach a score of 100,000 as quickly as possible. If you reach 100,000 without using your gamebreaker, you gain invulnerability. This lets you use cheats to score more points and get across the field without anyone stopping you."NFL Street 2" for the GameCube also comes with various innovative and exciting running moves. The way you move and get across the field will earn you style bonuses that unlock additional moves. Those moves can help your team win the game while unlocking new moves and other achievements. You'll break the laws of gravity, performing superhuman catches and leaps, running at turbo speeds, and catapulting fellow teammates across the streets of play. This game also highlights wall tricks, allowing your players to climb and run on walls like ninjas, performing giant leaps to score touchdowns.You can also enter the Own the City mode. Own the City puts you on a ragtag team of amateurs and sends you to the fictional town of Bay City. As you win, you'll have the chance to add new characters to your team with better skills and moves. If you beat all your competitors, your player will then have the chance to go up against Xzibit himself. Xzibit will bring along a group of professional athletes to battle against you. If you win his challenge, you unlock NFL athletes from that era. "NFL Street 2" also includes a special challenge feature developed by EA Tiburon for extra power. You must accomplish different challenges to score points that let you improve your characters. It gives you up to 150 days to complete those objectives, but if you use the bonuses, it reduces the number of days available to complete them. This GameCube title lets you compete against different teams as you move through the tournament ranks. Once you reach the end, you'll find yourself up against some of the best football players to ever play in professional games. This game also features some exciting cheats and special codes to reveal Electronic Arts' special easter eggs hidden in its NFL gameplay. These cheats can unlock some exciting additions to the game.With Create-A-Player, you can showcase detailed customization of each player's face. You can customize eye color, nose shape, mouth, ears, jaw, and chin as well as selecting fashionable street gear for your super-powered player. "NFL Street 2" is designed for the Nintendo GameCube and also fully compatible with the Nintendo Wii. Play across ten fields and two bonus environments with this action-packed NFL game for the GameCube.