NFL Street 3 (PS2)

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The third installment of EA's high-stepping, hard-hitting playground football series emphasizes new power moves, play modes, and free-form controls. NFL Street 3 features seven-on-seven play with a roster of NFL athletes and a cast of original characters dressed in sweats, jeans, and other casual attire. Exhibition games offer several formats apart from the "normal" rules, from a timed challenge to one rewarding defensive prowess. Online support is also included along with a choice of mini-games for more arcade-style action.

Stylish moves performed on the ground or in midair with the right analog stick allow players to rack up points needed to activate one of six offensive or two defensive "Gamebreakers." While Gamebreakers are still the flashiest moves in the playbook and give a distinct advantage to the team that activates them, they are not as automatic as in previous titles. Players on both sides of the ball can string together elaborate moves to finish the Gamebreakers in trash-talking fashion or to stop them dead in their tracks.

The heart of the game is the new "Respect the Street" mode, hosted by wide receiver Chad Johnson and running back Clinton Portis. Your goal is to lead a motley group of players through a cross-country tour, gradually earning respect by winning games under specific conditions that will eventually allow you to improve the team's core attributes, add new plays to the playbook, and the opportunity to challenge higher-ranked teams. Ten featured cities include region-specific areas such as a subway or an airplane hangar, with dynamic weather affecting outdoor locales in New York, Florida, and more.