NFL Tour (Xbox 360)

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Seeking a middle ground between the heavy simulation of its Madden franchise, and the sometimes over-the-top antics of its NFL Street series, EA Sports returns to the gridiron with the all-new NFL Tour. The game features the same seven-on-seven action that NFL Street did, but the gameplay is more realistic (no more dribbling the football or using small players as projectiles) and takes place on more traditional football fields, rather than the parks and streets of the past games. NFL Tour emphasizes a gameplay mechanic called the "Reversal System" that offers a set of options whenever two players make contact. At the point of impact gamers can use timed button presses to add extra oomph behind a hit, truck though tackles, or trip up a receiver. These reversals help build up the Smash Meter, which, when full, can be used to unleash spectacular offensive and defensive plays.

An arcade-style pick-up-and-play mode lets users of all skill levels get in on the football action, but the NFL Tour Mode is the primary means of single-player competition. Gamers begin by designing a new player from a series of body and gear types, choosing a position, and then departing on a cross-country football expedition with hopes of eventually making the NFL. Each tour stop brings a different challenge, like scoring more points in a particular time period or being the first to a set number of points. Online play is available, as are a few mini-games like Smash and Dash and Redzone Rush. As with most EA Sports titles, NFL Tour features a soundtrack full of established artists like Rooney, MxPx, Airbourne, Aceyalone, and Zion I.