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NHL FaceOff 99 improves upon its predecessor by upping the number of polygons by 20% and doubling the amount of textures. Other notable features include unique player sizes and faces, motion captured player animation, forward and backward skating, plus players losing their balance and even their sticks. To go along with the now standard Icon Passing, NHL FaceOff 99 uses Icon Switching to isolate a specific player on defense.

An upbeat presentation is patterned after TV broadcasts with zooming close-ups and dramatic cut-aways. Play-by-play is handled by Mike Emrick, broadcaster of the New Jersey Devils, and color commentary is performed by ESPN2's Darren Pang. In an effort to boost the atmosphere, NHL FaceOff 99 includes hats thrown onto the rink for Hat Tricks, user selectable third jerseys, end-of-the-year player awards, international teams and authentic goalie masks. You'll also get all 27 NHL teams (including the expansion Nashville Predators) and actual players with statistics based on the 1997-98 season.