NHL 98 (PS1)

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Product Information
EA SPORTS follows up NHL 97 with their second hockey game on the PlayStation, NHL 98. Based on team and player statistics from the 1996-97 season, NHL 98 introduces a new polygonal game engine designed to increase the speed of play.

Other new additions in NHL 98 include give-and-go passing, on-the-fly coaching strategies and user-controlled shot deflections. Updated features, such as one-timers, glass-breaking checks, and refined player positioning, are also included with this release.

And what NHL game would be complete without Tournament, Season, Shootout, Playoff, and Exhibition modes? Certainly not NHL 98, which contains all of these modes of play. The Season mode, the heart of the game, allows aspiring General Managers to try and take their teams all the way to the Stanley Cup finals. Full rosters are included.

Colorado Avalanche coach Marc Crawford is also featured in NHL 98. He provides much of the AI that you will be trying to get around in your quest for the cup.

NHL 98 features many of the options that fans of the EA SPORTS series have grown accustomed to. To get a more personalized game, players can customize period length, penalty strictness, fighting, offsides, icing, two-line passes, or injuries.

Coaching strategies have always been a strong point of the NHL Hockey series. You can choose an offensive, defensive, power play, or penalty-killing strategy in NHL 98. Other GM options include the ability to trade players, sign and release free agents, or create your very own player. Now you can create a video game version of yourself or a friend, then customize all of your skills and abilities to make the perfect weapon!

Finally, NHL 98 is a haven for the statistic fanatic. The game features a "Stats Central" in which one can look at team stats, roster stats, player stats, user stats, leaders, or even the different goalie masks present in the game.

So what are you waiting for? Hit the ice and get ready for some NHL action!