NHL 14 (PS3)

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Gamers hit the ice for another year of fast-paced, hard-hitting hockey action, complete with new collision physics, upgraded animations, and a healthy dose of nostalgia in NHL 14. Gameplay additions include more than 1,000 new skating animations, a one-touch deke system that only requires the use of the left stick and one button, and a new third-person fighting system that uses the Fight Night physics engine and takes into account the size differences of combatants. Players can also speed across the blue ice to the strains of organ music in the retro NHL '94 Anniversary mode.

The Be a Pro career mode returns with new off-the-ice options, including media interviews and teammate interaction, which join with in-game production to influence skill progression and determine the way fans and management react to players. The Hockey Ultimate Team and EA SPORTS Hockey League modes also return, with the ability to advance into higher leagues with success and failure resulting in relegation. And as always, gamers can join friends for local and online multiplayer action