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Building on the groundwork established with NHL 08, NHL 09 offers enhancements and new features designed to improve on its critically acclaimed predecessor. Emphasis is placed on the defensive game for this version, with the right analog "skill stick" used to block passing lanes and lift a rival's stick to disrupt potential one-timers. Other key additions include one-handed dekes, revamped physics-based checking and fighting, and an option to control the game using only two buttons and the left analog stick.

In addition to the online modes featured in NHL 08, NHL 09 includes simultaneous support for up to 12 remote players in six-on-six team play. A new role-playing mode entitled "Be A Pro" focuses on a single athlete as you attempt to guide your alter ego from his start in the AHL to a star-caliber career in the NHL. A third-person perspective on the ice brings you closer to the action as you monitor your athlete's progress in over 50 categories. You can even take your custom character online to earn experience by competing against players from around the world.